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An initiated shaman and a natural-born psychic gifted for the work of channeling messages from spirit guides, the dearly departed, and higher entities, Khi experienced spiritual phenomena at an early age, including astral projection, spirit visitations, and intuitive insight into future events. He has shared his gift on radio and television shows and teaches workshops and classes on spiritual protection, shamanic alliesmediumship, and other subjects in spiritual healing and the magical arts.

An expert in the fields of metaphysics, folk magic, and the occult arts, Khi has nearly a decade's worth of experience removing harmful and negative energies, opening roads to prosperity and success, and renewing the lives of everyday people who are choosing to overcome past setbacks and obstacles in order to move forward powerfully toward their dreams and goals. With the help of his spiritual allies, Khi has helped clients win court case battles, gain employment, attain protection from outside forces, and gain success in career and academic pursuits.

Khi combines intuitive communication with the lifeforce in herbs, roots, stones, and bones with a thorough knowledge of their applicability in a variety of world magical practices toward helping his clients manifest both short- and long-term goals and intentions. Khi's alliances with powerful spiritual beings and his ability to channel and enlist humanity's beloved departed lends his work tremendous efficacy and authenticity, drawing upon our most ancient wellness modalities as they regain worldwide recognition for their beauty, efficacy, and necessity.

Hoodoo rootwork and shamanic praxis from a gifted spirit-worker are potent forces for helping you attain your heart's desires. Spiritual Readings & Consultations provide clarity for every concern and the ability to hire Khi on retainer ensures that you have all the guidance, protection, and luck you need right when you need it.

Conjure in the City is based in Brooklyn, NY where Khi is available to perform in-person spiritual readingshands-on spiritual cleansingshamanic and energy healing, and Spiritual Space Cleansing & Clearing for homes and businesses.

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A Money Drawing Spell to attract wealth into a client's life.
"Khi's skills as a hoodoo rootworker and psychic reader are invaluable. With his guidance, I found the powerful spirit guide who has granted me success in my work, a sense of peace and security in my home, and a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a partner I love."
If you're seeking insight into matters of the heart...
If you're looking for guidance in your business or career...
If you seek protection from danger, adversity, and interference...
If you're unsure about your path and need real, Spirit-led answers...

Khi Armand is a Spiritual Medium & Hoodoo Rootworker providing revolutionary services of Insight, Renewal, and Manifestation.
​Khi specializes in: 
  • Business & Career Success, including real estate and property sales and rentals
  • Protection from harm, adversity, and malice
  • Legal Matters & Court Cases, to gain you favor in the eyes of the law
  • Spiritual & Emotional Healing, Growth, and Personal Power

​Khi Armand is a psychic mediumhoodoo rootdoctor, and initiated shaman whose work provides insight, renewal, and helps the tides of manifestation. His international clientele come from all walks of life, including artists, business owners, and individuals employed in private affairs. Through the crafting of powerful rites of conjure and power retrieval through shamanic healing techniques, Khi can help you get the results you're seeking.

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