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Psychic Readings, Hoodoo, & Shamanism

"I can easily say that the reading that I received from Khi was one of the best I’ve ever had. To this day I’m still thinking about that reading and the ripples that it has spread throughout my life." - G.O., Austin, TX
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"Khi is a conduit through which the Earth's power and good intention flows.
His work brings you back to your source." - A.G., Brooklyn, NY
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Spiritual Court Mediumship Reading
$297 for 1-hour via Skype video

An in-depth Intuitive Consultation is provided via Phone / Skype (or in-person in NYC) to answer your questions regarding business, career goals, legal concerns, or any other of life's arenas. With the help of the tarot and other tools of divination, Khi brings over a decade’s worth of experience as an intuitive reader to deliver real, down-to-earth wisdom and guidance.

Your Intuitive Consultation will be honest, grounded, and empowering.

If divination suggests that spiritwork can help transform your situation, Khi will discern the influences and factors involved and what methods will deliver optimal results. If Khi decides to take your case, he will then perform the work suggested in your reading, which may include shamanic healingSouthern conjurespiritual cleansing and uncrossing, or other tools of spiritual remediation. You may also be provided with personalized ritual actions for you to perform yourself. A final estimate for any spiritwork suggested will be provided during your consultation.
Intuitive Consultation
via Phone / Skype or In-Person
$110 for 1-hour

Khi Armand delivers real, down-to-earth, intuitively guided wisdom to help you make the best decisions.
Khi Armand delivers real, down-to-earth, intuitively guided wisdom to help you make the best decisions.
"Khi immediately picked up on spirits that resonated so deeply with me and my ancestral line. He was clear, compassionate and detailed. I immediately put into practice the things he told me and had both spiritual and tangible results." - M.E., Boston, MA
  • Who are the spirits that accompany you in this lifetime?
  • What are they here to teach you?
  • How do they influence your everyday life?
  • What avenues and experiences are they leading you toward?
  • How can you work with them toward achieving your goals?

In this powerful and unique life reading that merges mediumship  with spiritual coaching, Khi Armand will directly channel some of the core spirits that walk with you in this lifetime. These may include ancestral and non-ancestral dead, spirit guides, angelic entities, animal and botanical spirits, or others who have agreed to aid you in your life's evolution toward the fulfillment of your soul's purpose.

With this knowledge, you can strengthen your alliances with them for your own protection, healing, success, and well-being, as well as gain new perspectives on patterns in your life, personality, and even family history. 

Included for each spirit discerned is an overview of that spirit's energy and temperament, what they bring to you in this lifetime, how they influence your life, and what you can do to communicate with them toward honing the best relationship possible.

Your Spiritual Court Mediumship Reading will be honest, grounded, and empowering. Two (2) follow-up e-mails for clarification are included.

Please Note: This reading is performed within a general mediumship / Spiritualist context and is not meant as a substitute for religion-specific spiritual court readings (i.e. – Haitian Vodou, Quimbanda, or other African Diasporic Traditions). It may, however, help point you toward spiritual traditions that are most in alignment with the fulfillment of your soul's purpose.

Khi's readings are insightful and profound: he's an amazing worker.

- A.L., Quebec, Canada

Just had my reading with Khi! I think I love him! He was so kind and nice to me. He was on point with the reading. He is talented and he will do all my readings from now on! If you want an accurate reading with no holding back then Khi is your man! He really knows his stuff. He made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. I was nervous before hand but all that went out the window as soon as we started talking. Thanks Khi and be blessed!

- M.C., USA

Thank you you so much for an amazing reading!!! You really cut to the heart of the situation with x-ray vision. Insightful and sensitive, I loved your energy and the way you approached my problem. I feel like I'm back on track again. Once again thanks and I'm still smiling about my reading I just had with you.

- S.S., London, UK

I can easily say that the reading that I received from Khi was one of the best I’ve ever had. The combination of his knowledge of the cards and his deep connection to the Spirit world resulted in a truly profound and wonderful experience. To this day I’m still thinking about that reading and the ripples that it has spread throughout my life. Though he conducted the reading over the phone, I felt that he was right there in the room with me. Unquestionably, Khi loves the work that he does and I love him for it.

- G.O., Austin, TX

I have to admit, I was very skeptical before my first reading. I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t really feel confident that I would get what I needed from a card reading. As I started to open up I realized the reading was surprisingly accurate and very revealing. By the end of the reading, I felt that I had a better understanding of myself. After only a few months of working with you, I can honestly say that my life is very different. I see things differently and react differently towards different situations. My eyes have been opened, I have learned how to see again. Thank you for your time, talent, dedication and patience.

- C.F., Merrick, NY

Khi couldn't be a more approachable, friendly, and down to earth person. From the word "go" I felt so comfortable with him.  He puts on absolutely no airs, and has a lovely, open energy. I went for a reading, but our chat felt so organic and covered so many topics that the reading was seamlessly woven in. I learned so much spending time with him, and left feeling empowered and encouraged, with fresh ideas to try. You're missing out if you don't pay him a visit!

- J.B., New York, NY

Good news! You were right about my mom's promotion! Out of nowhere they called her in for an impromptu interview last week and today she was offered a new position on her floor! The pay is not much more money, but it's something. The best thing is that the new position is not as physically taxing as her previous one which should allow for her full recovery and should as well open many other doors. We are all so happy, and want to thank you profoundly for your work and guidance through these stressful times.

Again, I want to thank you for your patience with us and for helping keep us grounded when we were despairing. I know that it was fate to find you and our lives are all the better for it. Your insight and spiritual work is allowing our family to move forward, and I am so grateful.

- G.C., New York, NY