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Retainer Services

Southern Conjure, Hoodoo, Psychic Medium

Since ancient times, spiritual advisors have supported the endeavors and livelihoods of the most prominent and successful individuals on earth, guiding their affairs with a knowledge of astrology and the cycles of nature, and winning their battles with the help of occult skills in magick, sorcery, rootwork, witchcraft, and shamanism.

Indeed, many modern triumphs in the entertainment industry, arts, areas of science and innovation, politics, and media can be attributed in part to trusted spiritual guides working behind the scenes to ensure their clients' protection, victory over circumstance and competitors, enhanced creativity and good fortune, and for providing advanced planning tools based on sacred timekeeping modalities.

Khi Armand is available for long-term retainer contracts (3+ months) and has been hired by clients internationally for ongoing guidance and spiritual conjuration, including artists, celebrities, politicians, CEOs, business owners, and individuals employed in private affairs.

  • want to boost their profits over 1-6 months or more.
  • work in dangerous fields and need regular cleansing and protection.
  • work in high-stress environments and need balancing, grounding, & peace.
  • have a new business and want long-term rootwork to aid its success.
  • have an established business and want an edge over their competitors.
  • need motivation and inspiration toward completing a goal or project.
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Hiring Khi Armand on retainer means having consistent, personal, VIP access to a medium, magus, and initiated shamanic priest skilled in the arts of divination and conjuration, and able to petition some of the most powerful spirits and energies on earth to work on your behalf.
"I cannot recommend him enough. You will not only get a caring and vibrant person to work with but also someone who is very skilled, very thorough, and a genuinely good person who wants to see you succeed!" - M.A., Boise, ID
Hire Khi On Retainer for Spiritual Readings & Psychic Mediumship
Hire Khi On Retainer for Southern Conjure
Hiring Khi Armand on retainer is the perfect choice for clients who:
  • rootwork for cleansing, protection, success, mastery, and more.
  • petitioning of spirits to work on behalf of you and your goals.
  • coaching to boost your own abilities to attract, manifest, and master.

In addition to VIP and emergency access, Retainer Services may include regularly scheduled:
Three (3) E-mail Spiritual Readings
one (1) per month for three (3) months
(a $15 savings)

Six (6) E-mail Spiritual Readings
one (1) per month for six (6) months
(a $30 savings)

Business Retainer Service
BOOST your business, attract more clients, and increase profits!

Whether you need courage, protection, luck, or just a BOOST! in a more prosperous direction ---

Introducing the three (3) month Business BOOST! Retainer Service - a VIP service of custom spiritual work and guidance specially geared toward turning your gifts and passions into financial growth, cultivating power and leadership potential, and building success in your business endeavors.

Whether you're looking to get unstuck in your business, quicken growth, find your niche, or overcome competition...

  • Three (3) 1/2 hour Divinatory Spiritual Readings via Phone / Skype (one each month) to help you strategize and understand where your business is and where it's going
  • One (1) Custom Business BOOST! Mojo Hand ($25 savings)
  • Three (3) Setting of Vigil Lights ($25 savings)
  • 25% off any additional services or products

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