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You really cut to the heart of the situation with x-ray vision. Insightful and sensitive, I loved your energy and the way you approached my problem. I feel like I'm back on track again.

- S.S., London, UK

He puts on absolutely no airs, and has a lovely, open energy. I went for a reading, but our chat felt so organic and covered so many topics that the reading was seamlessly woven in. I learned so much spending time with him, and left feeling empowered and encouraged, with fresh ideas to try.

- J.B., New York, NY

Good news! You were right about my mom's promotion! Out of nowhere they called her in for an impromptu interview last week and today she was offered a new position on her floor! I know that it was fate to find you and our lives are all the better for it. Your insight and spiritual work is allowing our family to move forward, and I am so grateful.

- G.C., New York, NY

Three years ago I contacted you with tons of marital problems. You did uncrossing, binding, and many more spells for me to be able to have my husband back in my life. All that you told me has come to pass and now we have been reconciled for the past 5 months and we are doing better than before thanks to you and your wonderful support.

- J.F., UK

As I sit in court and write you this review, my lawyer has already told me my case will be dismissed due to a technicality. I am beyond happy for this and know it absolutely could not have been done without you. I want to say that I'm in shock but given your track record for success with court cases, I'm not at all surprised.

- J.J., USA

After Khi did the work, my son’s judge was switched to a favorable judge who is fair and had a lot of compassion. But then his judge was changed again to a judge so mean that it was a nightmare. When he finally got in the courtroom and that mean stern judge smiled at my son on several occasions, I was stunned. The judge stopped everything and said he wanted to sentence my son right now instead of coming back later and he sentenced him to 5 years probation instead of 49 years in jail! Now my son has a chance at life again because of Khi’s skill and dedication.

– C.B., New Jersey

I was in an emotional plateau and the second day after the candle burning was completed, three different girls at different times of the day just walked and sat by me and started chit chatting. They were very friendly and affectionate and all gave me their phone numbers. It has never happened to me before. I have also started seeing great results like making new friends and feeling a special type of charisma.

- G.A., Greece

I started to notice some changes because I was called for a job and hadn't worked in five years. And then my life changed in a way that I never imagined because I met the love of my life. I am smiling as I write this because I am more happy than I have been in a long time.

- R.W., North Carolina

Within days of this work, major doors opened and a twenty-nine year old block was removed. Within weeks of the victory things were going so well that I was a featured muse in an art gallery where a celebrity couple purchased the painting and I was spotted twice on TV.

- K.C., Brooklyn, NY

I opened the package with my talisman this morning and have never experienced anything like this. Like, I’ve done a few spells before, even made a talisman or two for myself, and they’ve done things for me, but I haven’t felt them so concretely. But from the minute I put the mojo hand on my skin, I felt entirely different. This was like some Harry-Potter-gets-a-wand-s***. I felt way more confident and together today than I have in weeks. It’s been such a dramatic shift from the minute I put the mojo hand on...it’s almost crazy to me. You have a gift, sir. Thank you.

- V.H., Brooklyn, NY

Khi is a blessing, and I mean that to the fullest extent. The work he did for me was emergency work for a very, very critical situation. I honestly can't stress how dire this situation was, but basically it had to do with my boyfriend and some serious issues he was facing because of people that just wanted to cause him trouble.

The work he did was amazing! I have no doubt that if Khi had not done the work that he did, my boyfriend would have been placed in a compromising position that I can tell you would not have ended well. Khi had the heat turned off him and completely reversed what was going against him. I was so happy after I talked to my boyfriend after the three days of emergency work he did. I literally did a silent happy dance! There is no possible way that outcome could have come without the assistance of Khi and his work. I cannot give intimate details just because of the sensitivity of the case, but trust when I say, this was very critical, very stressful, and quite essentially almost life-altering. And Khi made everything smooth out like it was supposed to!

I cannot recommend him enough. You will not only get a caring and vibrant person to work with but also someone who is very skilled, very thorough and a genuinely good person who wants to see you succeed!

- M.A., Boise, ID

Blessings to you Khi for the wonderful San Simón bottle talisman you made for me! The first time I placed a request with San Simón and invited him into my life and home, the wonders began! My life has been in a dark place for some years, I cannot begin to tell you. San Simón stepped into my life and changed my faith to believe again. He granted me my home, more income, and paid my bills when they needed to be paid! This man is amazing! I'm now happy to open my mail!

- C.Y., United Kingdom

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