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My reading with Khi was incredible. I wanted to know which spirits were in my life and Khi immediately picked up on spirits that resonated so deeply with me and my ancestral line. He was clear, compassionate, and detailed. I was able to immediately put into practice the things he told me and I’ve had tangible spiritual and physical results. I could not be more impressed with his professionalism and expertise.

- M.E., Boston, MA

Good news! You were right about my mom's promotion! Out of nowhere they called her in for an impromptu interview last week and today she was offered a new position on her floor! The pay is not much more money, but it's something. The best thing is that the new position is not as physically taxing as her previous one which should allow for her full recovery and should as well open many other doors. We are all so happy, and want to thank you profoundly for your work and guidance through these stressful times.

Again, I want to thank you for your patience with us and for helping keep us grounded when we were despairing. I know that it was fate to find you and our lives are all the better for it. Your insight and spiritual work is allowing our family to move forward, and I am so grateful.

- G.C., New York, NY

Thank you very much for my reading. I am very pleased to know that I have someone to see my deepest feelings without me having to give any info! Thanks!

- J.W.

Khi, I would like to thank you tremendously for the sugar bowl work. As I sit in court and write you this review, my lawyer has already told me my case will be dismissed due to a technicality. I knew it would work. OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KHI! I am beyond happy for this and know it absolutely could not have been done without you. This case has been going on for over a year and my lawyer told me that we will probably have to go to trial within the next few months. This was literally said to me, the court date right before the work. I wish I could see you in person to give you the biggest hug and express my deepest and sincerest gratitude. I want to say that I'm in shock but given your track record for success with court cases, etc., I'm not at all surprised. All the more why I want you to complete the other work for me and my spouse as soon as possible. Again Khi thank you sooooooo much. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude. This is truly a blessing because I thought it would never end and it finally has. What a RELIEF! Anyone that needs special work done that they do not think is possible, GET KHI TO HELP!

- J.J.

This is a message to you all who are looking for help in all areas of your life - a great THANK YOU to Khi! I found Khi by recommendation from my sister, and what an inspiration Khi is. He introduced me to working with San Simon who has become apart of my life in a great way. My life was dull, and horrid for a long time and he gave me direction and hope for the better. I will always continue to work with Khi. He's an understanding and brilliant Rev. who is always at your side in time of need!

Thank you Khi for your help and continuous work to help improve my life again.

- B.B., United Kingdom

Just had my reading with Khi!!! I think I love him, LOL! He was so kind and nice to me. He was on point with the reading. He is talented and he will do all my readings from now on!! If you want a accurate reading with no holding back then Khi is your man!! He really knows his stuff. He made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. I was nervous before hand but all that went out the window as soon as we started talking. Thanks Khi and be blessed!!

- M.C.

Thank you you so much for an amazing reading!!! You really cut to the heart of the situation with x-ray vision. Insightful and sensitive, I loved your energy and the way you approached my problem. I feel like I'm back on track again. Once again thanks and I'm still smiling about my reading I just had with you.

- S.S., London, UK​

Omg, where do I begin. Khi Armand is so gentle, sincere and friendly, it is impossible not to love him to pieces! Khi did work for my son who is locked up. There was so much red tape and confusion going on with his case that I threw in the towel, but I came across Khi Armand and he divined about the work I needed in my consultation and started to work on the case. Everytime my son would get a date in court, nothing would happen and they wouldn’t even bring him to court. After Khi did the work, my son’s judge was switched to a favorable judge who is fair and had a lot of compassion. But then his judge was changed again to a judge so mean that it was a nightmare.

Yet, after 11 months waiting in custody, he finally got in the courtroom (I wish I had known about Khi much earlier) on December 19 and that mean stern judge smiled at my son on several occasions. I was stunned. The judge stopped everything and said he wanted to sentence my son right now instead of coming back later. And he sentenced him to 5 years probation instead of 49 years in jail! Oh God, Khi really worked this extremely hard case. My son will be getting out soon. He is a good guy and its weird that he was even involved with this mess. Thank you so much Khi! Now my son has a chance at life again because of Khi’s skill and dedication to his rootwork. I’ll always be grateful to Khi as this had taken a very serious toll on me and added to my already weak health. I recommend Khi if you’re in any problem because he really wants to help. If you or someone you know is in trouble, get a consultation with Khi Armand because he absolutely specializes in court cases.

– C.B., New Jersey

After experiencing a major betrayal by my boyfriend many years ago, I waffled between wanting love and sabotaging potential relationships because I never felt like I could trust a man. I equated love with being used. I came to Khi Armand because I saw that he was a skilled and compassionate worker and I believed that as a gay man himself he would understand my situation.

I received his Love Uncrossing & Courage Mojo Hand on a Thursday afternoon. Within 24 hours a man that I had previously broke off contact with because of my old fears came to my home unexpectedly. He showed me that he can be the man that I both want and need. I'm not saying that I'm not scared anymore, but I have hope now and its only been one day!

- D. H., Washington

He is a kind, friendly individual and a skillful rootworker who takes his work seriously. Very professional and very friendly. I am living far away from him; really far! In Greece (Europe)! I was in an emotional plateau and he performed a Setting of Lights for me about ten days ago; a Road Opener and a Kiss Me Now! and at the second day after the candle burning was completed; I was at my work (I work as a cashier in a beach bar) and three different girls at different times of the day (all happened at the same day) just walked and sat by me and started chit chatting. They were very friendly and affectionate and all gave me their phone numbers. It has never happened to me before.

Also from the Road Opener, I have started seeing great results; like making new friends and feeling a special type of charisma. Setting of Lights is a great way for a conjure worker to work with you. With the email, you can send out your photo and details no matter how far you are. Bottom line: Khi is a great guy! I'm glad that I found you Khi!

- G.A., Greece

Khi is such a good spirtual advisor to have. He is the best. I had been in roots or hoodoo for over seven years until I found Khi. He helped me and my entire family get a new start and a fresh beginning, and also prayed for my sister who has been terminally ill. I thank God for leading me in the right direction for finding Khi. When you are looking for someone on the internet you can sometime run across a lot of fakes, but Khi is the real deal, so if you are having any kind of unatural problems or you are in hoodoo please let Khi help you.

- J.M. & C.M., Valdosta, GA

My wife and I were in desperate need of help financially, so we decided to seek Khi's help. Khi gave us a stunningly accurate reading, hitting the nail on the head and even asked if my wife wanted to pursue her own business (well, that's been my wife's dream, which she always talks about) and we got a positive affirmation in that category. Khi recommended some cleansing rootwork and also some money drawing rootwork. Shortly after, we took a trip to see family in another country. Needless to say, it was a trip that we couldn't even afford. We fretted over spending too much money and thought we wouldn't enjoy it.

Little did we know that the rootwork was already in effect. We ran into old friends and family and they wouldn't let us pay for anything - not dinner, transportation, anything. We were getting slipped envelopes of money from them telling us it's been awhile and congratulating us on our marriage. We were getting $100's and $200's here and there and even a $1000! It got to the point where we realized this was not a coincidence. Upon returning, my wife has been getting bigger tips at work and much nicer clientele and I have recently received some job opportunities. Working with Khi was the best decision we made. If you're reading this don't wait any longer!

- M.B., Brooklyn, NY

Khi is a conduit through which the earth's power and good intention flows. His work brings you back to your source.

- A.G. , Brooklyn, NY

Khi has helped me tap into the truest and clearest parts of myself, into the subconscious, sublime elements of my being. With his guidance, I found the powerful spirit guide who has granted me success in my work, a sense of peace and security in my home, and a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a partner I love. Khi's skills as a Rootworker and Reader are invaluable, and his focus on personal realization and ownership of one's own fate has empowered me to connect with my own spirituality on a deeper, more intimate level than ever before.

- K.D., New York, NY

Khi's work is nothing short of amazing. I had been single and unsuccessfully looking for over a year when he made me a True Love Mojo Hand. In less than three weeks I met my girlfriend and we've been together for almost a year.

- A.G., New York, NY

Khi emailed me April 1st and told me that he had lit my Blockbuster candle, and on April 12th I started to notice some changes because I was called for a job and I have not worked since 2008. I was so happy and I said to myself that Khi does know what he is doing because now I have a job. Also, a week and a half after Khi lit the candle, my life changed in a way that I never imagined because I met the love of my life. I am so happy that whatever Khi did led this man to me. I mean this man is more than everything that I could ever want in a man. I am smiling as I write this because I am more happy than I have been in a long time. I thank him and GOD for blessing me and continuing to bless and help me.

- R.W., N.C.

Through his thorough and consistently optimistic reading Khi told me that no matter what the cards read, I had the power of my future in my hands. That began my triumphant journey of looking within and projecting good energy outward. During this time, Khi did a double Setting of Lights for me, Blockbuster & St. Expedite, because it was imperative that I move out of my horrid living situation. Within days of this work, major doors opened & a 29-year old curse / block was removed with Khi & good ole St. Expedite's help. A change that I could never imagine became my reality! Within weeks of the victory things were going so good that I was a featured muse in an art gallery where a celebrity couple purchased the painting and I was spotted twice on TV...and there's still more to come. #Amazing!!!

- K.C., Brooklyn, NY

Every summer, we spend July in NYC in an apartment-hotel. It's a very old building from the 1800's with lots of history. It's a fabulous apartment, except for the fact that it is very "busy" with spirits and energy. My youngest daughter, who is very sensitive to this, refused to stay there another summer because it is so frightening to her. So, I found Khi online and he came the first day we arrived back in NYC. He cleansed the apartment from the outdoor rooftop to every room inside. As soon as he was done, my daughter felt relief and for the remainder of the month she never felt a thing. Thanks, Khi! You are the best!

- M.R., Dallas, TX

I opened the package with my mojo hand this morning and have never experienced anything like this. Like, I’ve done a few spells before, even made a talisman or two for myself, and they’ve done things for me, but I haven’t felt them so concretely. But from the minute I put the mojo hand on my skin, I felt entirely different. This was like some Harry-Potter-gets-a-wand s***. I felt way more confident and together today than I have in weeks. It’s been such a dramatic shift from the minute I put the mojo hand on...it’s almost crazy to me. You have a gift, sir. Thank you.

- V.H., Brooklyn, NY

I can easily say that the reading that I received from Khi was one of the best I’ve ever had. The combination of his knowledge of the cards and his deep connection to the Spirit world resulted in a truly profound and wonderful experience. To this day I’m still thinking about that reading and the ripples that it has spread throughout my life. Though he conducted the reading over the phone, I felt that he was right there in the room with me. Unquestionably, Khi loves the work that he does and I love him for it.

- G.O., Austin, TX

I have to admit, I was very skeptical before my first reading. I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t really feel confident that I would get what I needed from a card reading. As I started to open up I realized the reading was surprisingly accurate and very revealing. By the end of the reading, I felt that I had a better understanding of myself. After only a few months of working with you, I can honestly say that my life is very different. I see things differently and react differently towards different situations. My eyes have been opened, I have learned how to see again. Thank you for your time, talent, dedication and patience.

- C.F., Merrick, NY

I turn to Khi for spiritual guidance for all things great and small. Much like that grandmother-who-still-practices, he plucks nuggets of wisdom seemingly from EVERYWHERE, accompanied by a gift that’s often an assignment to stimulate inner growth.

- K.A., Brooklyn, NY

Khi couldn't be a more approachable, friendly, and down to earth person. From the word "go" I felt so comfortable with him.  He puts on absolutely no airs, and has a lovely, open energy. I went for a reading, but our chat felt so organic and covered so many topics that the reading was seamlessly woven in. I learned so much spending time with him, and left feeling empowered and encouraged, with fresh ideas to try. You're missing out if you don't pay him a visit!

- J.B., New York, NY

From time to time, we must check in. My experience was just what I needed at a time of transition: affirming what I know deep down myself and bringing to the surface things I manage to bury in my consciousness. An immensely powerful, fulfilling experience.

- L.A., Washington, DC

Khi is a blessing, and I mean that to the fullest extent. The work he did for me was emergency work for a very, very critical situation. I honestly can't stress how dire this situation was, but basically it had to do with my boyfriend and some serious issues he was facing because of people that just wanted to cause him trouble.

The work he did was amazing! I have no doubt that if Khi had not done the work that he did, my boyfriend would have been placed in a compromising position that I can tell you would not have ended well. Khi had the heat turned off him and completely reversed what was going against him. I was so happy after I talked to my boyfriend after the three days of Emergency work he did. I literally did a silent happy dance! There is no possible way that outcome could have come without the assistance of Khi and his work. I cannot give intimate details just because of the sensitivity of the case, but trust when I say, this was very critical, very stressful, and quite essentially almost life-altering. And Khi made everything smooth out like it was supposed to!

I cannot recommend him enough. You will not only get a caring and vibrant person to work with but also someone who is very skilled, very thorough and a genuinely good person who wants to see you succeed!

- M.A., Boise, ID

An array of sweetening jars, conjure candle lights, and Rootwork spells.
Blessings to you Khi for the wonderful San Simón bottle talisman you made for me! The first time I placed a request with San Simón and invited him into my life and home, the wonders began!
My life has been in a dark place for some years, I cannot begin to tell you. San Simón stepped into my life and changed my faith to believe again. He granted me my home, more income, and paid my bills when they needed to be paid! This man is amazing! I'm now happy to open my mail!

- C.Y., United Kingdom

Thank you so much Khi! I truly am grateful for your honesty with the reading. You definitely have a gift! I learned a lot and I am definitely going to take your advice on what to do to fix the problems I have been having. I know now that what you have told me about this ancestral jinx causing my love problems is indeed a fact! My mother confirmed it! It goes all the way back to something that had happened to my great-grandmother. I will be working on everything we had talked about and than I will book another reading! Thank for taking your time with this reading and explaining so much to me. THANK YOU!

- S.S., NJ

Khi's readings are insightful and profound: he's an amazing worker.

- A.L., Quebec, Canada

Khi Armand offers Conjure Candle Lights and is an initiated shaman in the Unnamed Path tradition.
Khi Armand is a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Coach, and Hoodoo Rootworker.
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