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Space Cleansing & Clearing
for Homes, Land, & Businesses

House Exorcist, Clearing Negative Energy, & Spiritual House Cleansing & Clearing

When is Space Cleansing & Clearing necessary?

A Space Cleansing & Clearing can be helpful:
  • For resolving energetic issues with land and property
  • When moving into a new home or business establishment
  • To help sell or rent real estate
  • During a major life or business transition
  • To help bolster creativity and innovation
  • If you've been having a hard time attracting what you desire
  • During a stressful period in life or work
  • After a long illness, passing away, or divorce
  • To help invite new opportunities
  • If you've experienced ghosts / harmful entities in your space

For offices & storefronts, a Space Cleansing & Clearing can:
  • provide enhanced visibility
  • attract clients and customers
  • boost workplace morale and efficiency
  • and, increase sales by encouraging repeat patronage

"It's a fabulous apartment except for the fact that it is very 'busy' with spirits and energy. He came the first day we arrived back in NYC and cleansed the apartment from the outdoor rooftop to every room inside. As soon as he was done, my daughter felt relief and for the remainder of the month she never felt a thing." - M.R., Dallas, TX
Cleansing and clearing a  house increases its energetic vibration, making it more appealing to buyers.
Cleansing and clearing a house increases its energetic vibration, making it more appealing to buyers.
A Spiritual Space Cleansing & Clearing can encourage repeat patronage of your business.
A Space Cleansing & Clearing can encourage repeat patronage of your business.
I'm based in the New York City Metro / Tri-State Area and am able to travel.
In most cases, distance Space Cleansing & Clearing can be effective.
Environments are like recorders – what happens in them leaves a lasting impression. A Space Cleansing & Clearing is a rite of renewal for your home or workplace, removing harmful energies and preventing their return.

A cleansed and cleared environment can more easily support you and your endeavors, clearing away old and stagnant vibrations while simultaneously inviting uplifting and energizing ones. Turn your home environment into your sanctuary and give your workplace an edge over your competitors.
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"During the first month it was on the market, I only had two potential buyers to look at my house. Both potential buyers loved the home and one buyer was really interested in buying the home and wanted to come back for another showing. However that buyer never came back and from that day on, my house sat on the market for 7 months without any showings/activity. I knew at that point that something was wrong because the house was practically new with many upgrades in a desirable area.  Khi performed a shamanic healing session and the shamanic journeywork showed that there were difficulties with the land. Khi was able to remediate the difficulties and, paired with conjure work, he was able to help me sell my house very quickly." - C.C., GA 
For an assessment of your home, apartment, building, or land, please book a Rootwork Consultation.