21, Mar 2024
Hunting Safari in Africa


A safari hunting in africa offers an experience that is unrivaled anywhere else on the planet. A vast array of game species, stunning scenery and century old hunting customs combine to create an experience that will leave lasting memories. Whether you want to pursue Big Game in South Africa or hunt the wide-open plains of namibia safaris, our safari experts will help make it happen.

Namibian Safari Thrills: Unforgettable Hunting Experiences

Many hunters are drawn to Africa because of its rich tradition of hunting. From the landed aristocracy of Europe and America to the great adventurers like Frederick Courtney Selous, R J Cunningham who guided Teddy Roosevelt on his African Safari, Philip Percival who guided Earnest Hemmingway and Harry Selby who guided Robert Ruark (author of The Horn of the Hunter) hunting in Africa has long been associated with high social status.

While the majority of hunting in Africa today is on private farms that breed wildlife for sport purposes, there are still opportunities to hunt wild and genuinely free-range game. This style of hunting provides a different experience and can be far more challenging and rewarding.

Besides the Big Five, many hunters are also drawn to more obscure species such as Bongo, Forest Elephant and Giant Eland. These are rare and highly exclusive trophies that can only be found in very remote areas. Pursuing these exotic animals can be a lifetime goal and something to really be proud of for your trophy collection.