1, Nov 2023
Digital Marketing Agency – Candy Marketing

The global confectionery market is fueled by rising demand for sweets among children and young population across the globe. Other factors such as increasing urbanization, westernization and rise in personal disposable income are fostering the market growth. The candy market is highly competitive and offers lucrative opportunities to companies. This is attributed to the wide range of available options in terms of brands, flavors and pricing for candy products.Learn more:https://www.candymarketing.co.uk

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other time of the year, candy has a way of making everyday moments feel more special and more easily shareable with others. And that’s something that many of the world’s favorite candy brands understand well.

Candy Crush: Dominating Social Media with Candy Marketing’s Expertise

For example, in 2021, Brach leaned on the power of nostalgia and tradition in its Halloween campaign when it launched its “Candy Corn” product. The brand’s social media accounts showcased a spooky new look, including its new logo and slogan, as well as an emphasis on its eerie color palette and black-and-white visuals.

Another great example of a memorable candy advertising campaign is Hershey’s product placement in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, where Reese’s Pieces helped to lure alien ET out of hiding. Hershey’s risk paid off: Reese’s Pieces saw a massive jump in sales following the film’s release.

One of the most effective ways to advertise candy is to hand out samples at fairs, carnivals and other events. You can also reach out to local museums, theaters and other children’s institutions to see if you can sell your product at their gift shops or concession stands.

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