2, Mar 2024
How to Become an IP Specialist


Ip specialists are highly specialised in a specific area of the law (patent, trademark or copyright). They can offer businesses a much needed outside perspective when building out an IP portfolio strategy. Their expertise and experience are invaluable in helping to reduce costs, avoid risks and create a robust business foundation for IP commercialization.

These professionals review the particulars of patent, trademark and copyright applications far closer than most other people in the industry – often even closer than lawyers. They also have backgrounds far removed from the law, often involving different specializations of science, engineering and technology. Their expertise is essential to determine whether proposed inventions, techniques and concepts meet the required legal requirements for patent protection.

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Due to their experience, IP specialists can identify problems far faster than generalists. This allows them to take decisive action to protect their clients’ interests. They are also better positioned to spot opportunities for their clients, such as a new IP filing opportunity or potential litigation threat.

To become an IP specialist, you will need to have a technical background, analytical skills, and problem-solving ability. In addition, you will need to be proficient in the use of your firm’s IP docketing software. You can become an ip specialist by finding paralegal jobs or internships at law firms or companies looking for IP paralegals or assistants. Another option is to take a free online course such as Alt Legal’s Trademark Docketing Specialist course.

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