10, May 2024
Sulfur Dioxide Meter

A sulfur dioxide meter measures the concentration of SO2 in air. This is an important safety measure in hazardous gas environments and helps to protect individuals from exposure. It also helps to mitigate environmental hazards by preventing the leakage of this highly toxic and corrosive gas. SO2 is produced in multiple industrial processes such as the production of hydrosulfites and other sulfur-containing chemicals, wood pulp and paper bleaching, food processing, metal refining, waste treatment and fossil fuel combustion. It is also an air pollutant emitted by volcanoes, forest fires and motor vehicle emissions.

The meter is equipped with a electrochemical sensor that converts the sulfer dioxide in air into an electronic signal which is read by the internal microprocessor and then displayed on the screen. The meter is designed to comply with national and international standards and comes factory-calibrated. It also has an adjustable alarm that triggers LED, buzzer and vibration alerts if the set limit is exceeded.

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Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is a colourless gas with an irritating pungent odour that is toxic to humans when inhaled at high concentrations. It is one of the main ingredients in acid rain and contributes to air pollution caused by coal and oil combustion.

Exposure to SO2 can cause irritation of the nose and throat, corrosive damage to eyes and lungs, as well as stomach pain. Skin contact can result in redness and blisters. This meter is ideal for use in hazardous and confined spaces where leaks can be hard to detect.

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