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My client moved to Houston, TX after having taken on a new job as an estate manager for a married couple. The job included general upkeep of the premises as well as the care of quite a menagerie of pets. Though pay was weekly and included room-and-board, upon arriving, he found that the pay was not nearly enough to help him pay off past bills and that he would have to take on an outside job to help support himself. This would prove to be a difficult task as the amount of care the wide varieties of pets needed was extremely time-consuming. We decided that his best bet would be to encourage his current employers to trust him more and pay him better.

After my client provided me with bodily personal concerns from each of his employers, I crafted two Honey Jars, both including elements to garner higher pay and appreciation for his efforts. As he related to me that one employer took a slightly stronger taking to him, the others' honey jar was fixed to elicit an even stronger appreciation for my client.

For three weeks, green and pink candles dressed with prepared oils and botanicals were burned on the jars, prayed over so that my client's employers would be sweetened into favoring him more, paying him better, and be committed to employing him long-term.

In the middle of the third week, my client recounted a meeting he'd had with the employer who, at first, had been hesitant to like him. My client was told that his work was so sorely needed in the estate and that he'd been doing a fantastic job. In addition to being told that he was "like one of the family," he was told (without ever having asked) that a higher pay would be negotiated for him to ensure his long-term happiness in his role as estate manager.
My client contacted me on behalf of her niece who'd been living in NYC for a few months but had yet to find a stable home environment and was grieving the recent passing of her mother. During our Spiritual Reading & Consultation, I was made aware that, unbeknownst to my client, her niece's behavior at the time was quite erratic and self-sabotaging. Her mourning process cut short by her move to NYC, she was feeling emotionally lost and putting herself in dangerous situations by hanging out with the "wrong" kinds of people.

A skull-shaped candle was prepared with oils, herbs, and roots that encourage wisdom and mastery, intended to re-align my client's niece with her truest principles, that she navigate her new urban surroundings with poise and wise behaviors.

Shortly after this working was performed, I was told that my client's niece was "feeling much better."

Next, I set to work on her housing situation, preparing a petition packet and setting it with a dressed iron key representing the key that my client's niece would have to her new apartment along with a High John the Conqueror root to provide luck and ensure success. The petition outlined the kind of housing she sought and the kinds of people she wanted to live with.Her photo was glued to a map of the area in which my client's niece wanted to live and these were attached to a yellow vigil candle dressed with oils and botanicals whose medicine speak to success, luck, and gaining favors.

Within a month of this working, I was assured that the client's niece had moved into the perfect living situation in the location she sought. "Best of all, she's made new friends!"
Employers Proclaim Client as "One of the Family"
Client's Niece Finds Peace, Wisdom, & Housing
Client Evades Gossip & Avoids Eviction
A new manager at my client's former job decided to hire her for the position she'd previously held. She was concerned that former co-workers would speak ill of her to the new manager and hinder her re-employment. A Spiritual Reading & Consultation confirmed that her fears were valid and I set to work on a Stop Gossip spell to keep their mouths shut and my client in the good graces of her employer.

A cow tongue was attained along with photos of the women whose words could wreak havoc on my client's reputation. The photos were prepared with petitions that they keep their mouths shut and have nothing to say about my client at all. These were placed inside the cow tongue, which was then dressed with oils, herbs, and minerals that hinder people's words and stop gossip in its tracks. Thread was anointed and dressed before being used to tie up the tongue, binding the perpetrators mouths in the process. Candles burned atop this working for three days, after which it was taken to a cemetery.

My client confirmed that, at the opening meeting in which she was introduced, though the two women glared at her repeatedly, they never said a word.

Unfortunately, my client had not resumed her job quickly enough to pay rent that she had owed her landlord and came home to find an eviction notice. Dismayed, she contacted me, seeking something to ward off this concern.

I crafted an oil prepared with botanicals that spoke to the mission and energy of St. Jude, Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases and often appealed to in dire emergencies. I dedicated this oil to him and dressed green vigil and taper candles with it. Over the next 9 days, I performed a traditional Catholic Novena, or prayer cycle, asking for St. Jude to come to my client's aid and help her through this crisis.

Before the Novena had even been finished, my client contacted me to tell me that a man she hardly knew asked her how she was doing and, upon her relating her story to him, he offered to lend her the thousands of dollars she needed to pay her landlord and avoid eviction.
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