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Shamanic Healing
Shamanism is humanity's earliest wellness modality. It encompasses a body of practices and techniques found across the world for accessing healing, communicating with the unseen, and bringing us into right relationship with the world around us.

The word shaman, as popularized by Western anthropologists, has its origins in the Evenki word šamán, with a root prefix meaning to know

Shamans are often "called" by dreams and signs from the spirit-world before undergoing training, but some work in hereditary traditions.

​Khi Armand is a spirit-initiated shaman practicing in a contemporary Western context.

Shamanic Healing, Ancestor Healing, & Spiritual Space Cleansing & Clearing

Most shamanic healing can be performed remotely.
In-person sessions are available in New York City and the surrounding areas.

What do shamans do?

Shamans enter altered states of consciousness to travel the spirit-world with the aid of their helping spirits to understand and resolve root causes of dis-ease whether expressed on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual planes. Sometimes the needed resolution can take place directly within the journey / trance-state while other times information is provided as to actions that must be taken in the physical realm in order to bring about the needed transformation.

In addition to diagnosing energetic imbalances in persons, homes, businesses, and organizations through the use of both traditional and innovative tools and methods, Khi is able to conduct:

Soul Retrievals
Shadow Retrievals
Helping Spirit Retrievals (Ancestor, Animal, etc.)
Past Life Resolution
Ancestral Healing
Energy Healing
Spirit Extraction & Depossession
Rites of Passage Rituals

What types of training do shamans undergo?

Though it varies from person to person, most undergo training from their helping spirits along with training under human teachers both within their tradition / cosmology and in practices deemed important for them to learn in accordance with their work.

Khi has trained with shamanic practitioners, folk magicians, conjurers, and medicine people in traditions practiced throughout the Americas.

Can you work with groups?

Absolutely. Shamanic techniques can be used to diagnose and bring resolution to group dynamics and spaces, as well as aid with vision for moving forward. Shamanic techniques can also be taught to aid group members in visioning and bringing their own authenticity to the collective work.

Do you teach classes or workshops?

Yes. Sign-up for my newsletter for updates on classes and workshops
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​I think I may be experiencing shamanic illness / crisis.

Contact me.

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Khi Armand is a Spirit-Called and initiated Shaman available to conduct Energy Healing Sessions, Soul Retrievals, and Spirit Extractions.
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