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Khi Armand is a Spirit-Called and initiated Shaman available to conduct Energy Healing Sessions, Soul Retrievals, and Spirit Extractions.
"After only a few months of working with you, I can honestly say that my life is very different. I see things differently and react differently towards different situations. My eyes have been opened. I have learned how to see again." - C.F., Merrick, NY
Working with a gifted and trained shamanic healer can have a profound effect on your life that's hard to overestimate. With the use of both traditional and innovative tools and methods, you can experience greater healing and empowerment on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Khi Armand is a Spirit-called shamanic practitioner available to conduct:

Energy Healing Sessions
Soul Retrievals
Spirit Extractions
Rites of Passage Rituals

One of the main goals of shamanic work is the restoration of personal and communal power. A Shamanic Journeying Session can connect you to Spirit Guides as well Animal, Stone, and Plant Allies whose medicine will enrich your life and help re-member you to your life's purpose. 

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